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A central vacuum system is a built-in system that consists of a central vacuum unit, vacuum tubing system and accessory kit. In most cases, the vacuum machine is situated in a basement, garage, or mechanical room. Vacuum inlets are strategically placed around the house to allow a 30′ or 35′ hose to reach all regions. The accessory kit includes the hose, hose hanger, carpet brush, wands, and other attachments/items.

A central vacuum system comes with many cleaning, financial, and personal benefits.

  • Power – Cleaning is more effective with central vacuums since they are up to 5 times more powerful than portable vacuums.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Portable vacuums can exhaust some of the dirt back into a living space, while central vacuums connect through a tubing system to a vacuum unit that is located in non-living space area. 
  • Health – Allergens that would be exhausted into the living space by a portable vacuum instead go to a non-living space area with a central vacuum, possibly outside. Perfect for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.
  • Light Weight – With the heavily reduced weight of a central vacuum compared to a portable one, cleaning is much easier.
  • Maintenance – A large dirt canister and simple filter cleaning or bag changes result in less maintenance compared to a portable vacuum.
  • Quiet – All the noise is moved somewhere else with a central vacuum, and often cannot be heard in the room being cleaned.
  • Versatile – Central vacuums clean numerous types of surfaces, including carpet, rugs, vents, baseboards, smooth floors, upholstery, ceiling fans, garages, cars and virtually any other area of the home.
  • Value – Central vacuums can easily last 20 years, so replacement costs are much less than for portable vacuums.
  • Home Value – Since they are a built-in appliance, central vacuum systems add value to a home.

A central vacuum works equally well on carpets and smooth floors like hardwood and tile. The stronger suction compared to conventional vacuum cleaners will help pick up more dust and debris. You can use different attachments according to the job, making a central vacuum extremely versatile.

A central vacuum offers several benefits for a house with pets.

  • Better removal of pet hair and dander.
  • Since there is no exhaust air in the living space, odors are moved to the basement or garage. An outside exhaust then removes the odor from the house
  • Unlike with portable vacuums, you won’t have to worry about pet hair and dander damaging our product.
  • Pet hair and dander increases the amount of vacuum bags and filters for portable devices. Central vacuums minimize or eliminate these costs.

Central vacuums can be installed in most existing homes. Ideal homes are ranch-style homes with access to either attics or basement ceilings, and 2-story homes with access to both attic and basement ceilings. Homes with limited access may require alternate routing to avoid damaging walls or drywall.

The cost depends on the size of the unit, the number of inlets, installation difficulty, and the number and type of accessory kits that are desired. For reference, a system installed in a 3,000 sq. ft. house during construction will usually be less than $2,000. Installation in an existing house can add several hundred dollars to the price, however.

Only cyclonic vacuum units must be exhausted to the outside. Other units with filters and/or bags will trap virtually all of the debris in the container. An outside exhaust can be installed on any unit as long as there is an exhaust tube. Exhausting to the outside drastically reduces noise inside the home and ensures that allergens are removed from your household.

Dirt picked up by the cleaning attachment passes through the hose, into the inlet, through the tubing system and down to the dirt canister of the vacuum unit.

Electric vacuum inlets have connections for both low voltage and high voltage wire. The low voltage wire is run from the inlet back to the vacuum unit. This control wire enables the vacuum unit to be turned on when the hose is inserted into the inlet or the switch on the hose is turned on. The high voltage wire is typically run from the inlet to the nearest electric outlet. The high voltage plug on the vacuum inlet provides power for an electric carpet brush. Low voltage inlets have connections for low voltage wire only. These are used when an electric carpet brush will not be used or a pigtail hose will be used with an electric carpet brush.

A central vacuum inlet can be used to clean multiple rooms, so having one in every room is unnecessary. If they are placed in effective places, such as hallways, kitchens, and open areas where furniture does not block access to the inlet, the amount needed can be very small.

The other components of a central vacuuming system are now completely independent from the vacuum unit itself. They do not have to be replaced with the same brand.

If you have an older system that doesn’t have independent parts and need work done, let us know.

A stationary brush with natural bristles is the best tool to clean hardwood floors. The bristles loosen debris from the crevices of the floor. Natural bristles do not scratch the wood.

No, a central vacuum is not louder than a standard vacuum cleaner despite having more power. A typical central vacuum produces the same amount of noise as a normal conversation.

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